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Budgeting for Your Student Org 101

Creating a budget is an important part of your organization's planning process. A well crafted budget can help you achieveyour organization's goals and should reflect your organization's mission/values. Use the following to develop your organization's budget for the upcoming year

Questions to Consider:

  • What are my organizations goal's? Does your spending align with your orgs values?
  • What are our income sources?
  • Reflect on last year's budget: Where did you lose money? What was successful?

Do Your Research

  • Obtain quotes on potential costs- do not always overestimate. Shop around for quotes in order to secure the best deal and stretch your dollars even further.

Provide Monthly Budget Updates

  • Build in monthly budget updates into your meeting to ensure that you are staying on track with your spending and hold each other accountable.

General Tips:

  1. Don't be afraid to ask for current discounts or specials or check for free services.
  2. Collaborate with other orgs.
  3. When printing banners, t-shirts, or other materials, DON'T include a date so that you can reuse items again for future events
  4. Look for coupons when purchasing things online
  5. Plans events in advance so thatyou can shop for the best deals

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