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How do I create a new CIO?

Student Council manages the Organization Recognition process (aka “new CIO” process). Details on the process can be found on the Student Council Applying for CIO Status webpage. The process is typically open for one month each semester. To submit an application, students can log into @UVA, go to the Organizations tab, and click on the “Register an Organization” button.

If you’d like to meet in person to discuss your idea for a new CIO or if you have questions about the process, please reach out to

How do I renew my CIO each year?

CIO renewals happen every spring via Hoos Involved for the upcoming academic year. CIO president’s/chairs will get an email from Student Engagement letting them know that the transition period for their organization has started. In that email there will be a link that will allow them to complete the renewal process.

To renew your CIO, the incoming CIO president/chair must sign and upload the CIO Agreement, upload the CIO’s constitution, review the CIO description and review, and update the roster, and change organization leadership roles, as necessary. Renewing your CIO will help grant you access to resources and facilities/spaces, among other benefits. CIOs who miss the renewal period will be inactive.

I cannot find my CIO in the list of organizations on Hoos Involved. What does that mean?

This likely means that your CIO is has been deactivated. Groups are deactivated if they did not renew, complete the Town Hall Requirements (in August), or for other various reasons. If you’re unsure why your organization isn’t visible, email and we will tell you what action you need to take to return your group to active status.
If you are looking to revive an deactivated organization, you will need to pursue the “new CIO” aka "Organization Recognition" process again to revive it.

My CIO, organization, or department would like to participate in the Fall or Spring Activities Fair. How do I register?

Student Council manages the Fall & Spring Activities Fairs and posts information and sign-ups related to the fair on their website every year under the “Student Organizations” tab. For specific questions about the fairs, please email

My CIO has elections soon for new officers. What do I need to do to ensure a smooth transition for my officers?

Great question! We hear this a lot and know that this is a struggle. There are some transition document templates and a transition checklist in the Leadership Library (under the “Transitioning Officers” folder that we highly recommend you look at. In short, you will need to update your officers and Primary Contact on Hoos Involved, subscribe/unsubscribe the correct people to, and make sure to retain all info from the outgoing officers to pass along to the new officers. If you’d like to talk about the specifics of your CIO’s transition, please do not hesitate to email us at and we can meet in person.

What is the cio-advisor listserv and how do I subscribe?

For emails to CIO Advisors and professional staff who advise groups of CIOs, we encourage you to subscribe to this listserv for updates that are relevant to our CIOs. We also love to check in and see how we can support you as you support your CIOs throughout the year. You can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time.  

To Subscribe to CIO-advisor:

  1. Go to
  1. Click Search for Lists
  1. Search for cio-advisors
  1. Click on
  1. On the left hand hit Subscribe
  1. Enter your name as you would like for it appear
  1. Click “I subscribe to list cio-advisors”
  1. Hit Confirm
  1. Check your email to ensure you received the welcome email and you’re all set to go!

To Unsubscribe from CIO-Advisors

If you are no longer the point of contact for your organization and have ensured the correct contact is receiving these communications, you can unsubscribe by following instructions 1-4 above, then instead of clicking Subscribe, click Unsubscribe on the left and hit confirm. You will then receive an email confirming that you’ve been removed from the list.

I have an event/opportunity that I’d love to share with all CIOs. How do I communicate with them?

This list of all CIOs and their contact information is a hot commodity. Since there are so many CIOs and so many entities trying to reach out to these groups, we are intentionally discerning about who has access to email CIOs directly. If you have information you’d like to share with CIOs, we recommend advertising through the various avenues outlined on our website. There is also a resource about marketing your events in the “Marketing Your Event” folder on the Leadership Library. Lastly, if you are an officer for a CIO or know an officer of a CIO, you can ask to have your event posted in the Student Org Officers at UVA Facebook group. They do a weekly post highlighting events where you can share what’s coming up with fellow CIO Presidents.

What guidelines are there for postering/chalking and for fundraising?

The University does have specific information on how to properly fundraise and poster! For posting guidlines click here: Postering Rules. For regulations on fundraising, look here: Solicitation Rules  .

What other resources should my CIO know about?

The “Student Organization Sorting Hat” is a spreadsheet that lets you sort CIOs (and SSOs, etc.) easily by various features such as membership type (grad, undergrad, both), whether they have an application/interview or not, dues, etc. It’s a great tool that students are using to find opportunities to get involved in addition to sorting by key word or category on the Hoos Involved list. If you find yourself conversing with someone who could use some help getting plugged in, please point them to the CIO Sorting Hat! Also, a lot of students are looking for ways to get involved with minimal cost and application/interview requirements. Consider evaluating your CIO to see if you actually need an interview/audition or dues. Eliminating those could create more engagement and interest in your group!

Student Org Officers at UVA is a Facebook group for CIO leaders and other student organization officers at UVA. This is a space for leaders to engage with each other, ask questions, and interact with Student Engagement and Student Council. We're hosting live trainings related to various leadership topics. It's also a great place for everyone to keep each other in the loop on what events are coming up for their organizations. Advisors are welcome to join the group too, but the content is geared towards students! 


CIO Finances

How can my CIO Request Student Activities Funding?

Visit the SAF Funding page on Student Council's website for more information

How can my CIO use the SAF Funding we received?

Visit the VPSA Finance website for more details and step by step instructions.

How do I find my CIO’s Tax ID info?

Student Engagement does not keep track of any tax information for CIOs since your organizations are independent from UVA. However, we would encourage you to reach out to other officers who have graduated or who might have access to your CIO’s tax info. You can also call/email the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) directly and they should be able to provide the information you need.
If you have a bank account through the UVA Fund with the Alumni Association, you can use their tax ID. Reach out to the Alumni Association for more information.

Is my CIO a non-profit aka 401c3? 

Student Engagement also does not keep track of any non-profit status documentation for CIOs since your organizations are independent from UVA. We recommend asking your outgoing officers, alumni, or advisors or the IRS to help you answer this question for your CIO.

My CIO is no longer active and has leftover funds. What can I do with those funds in our account?

Since CIOs are independent and manage their own banking, it is up to you to decide what you would like to do with your leftover funds. You could reach out to another CIO with a similar mission and offer to donate the funds to their organization. You could donate the funds to a local charity or organization that you trust. On an ethical standpoint, we do not recommend pocketing the money as an individual. If you’re still unsure about what to do, email us at and we can chat.