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Late Night Programs

Late night programs at UVA are commonly referred to as After Hours.  The After Hours programming initiative began in the fall of 2015 with the University Programs Council taking the lead in providing events for students to attend.  Since the inception of After Hours, additional partners including IM-Rec have taken an active role in providing additional events throughout each weekend of the academic year.  Over the course of the past two years of After Hours, well over 130 events have been included in the After Hours initiative with all of these events taking place on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays starting at roughly 9:00pm.  Some of these events include Grocery Bingo in the Aquatic & Fitness Center, movies in the Newcomb Theatre, Bears 2 Build in Ern Commons and Late Night Breakfasts at Pigeon Hole and 1515.

With the opening of 1515 in March of 2017, After Hours has been able to expand its reach to more students. The performance stage has allowed for small performances to occur, watch parties to be held in the arcade area and craft events to take place throughout the first and second floors.  As programming continues to expand, 1515 will become a key location for After Hours and students to have fun.

To learn more about After Hours, follow UVA AfterHours on Facebook along with UPC and IM-Rec to get the most up to date information regarding events.  Also be on the lookout for additional information regarding hosting your own After Hours event.