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Leadership Development Opportunities

Available throughout the academic year for student organizations

Hoos Leading

This is a leadership development series that aims to provide meaningful leadership curriculum to student organization members, officers, and advisors (CIOs, SSOs, etc). These monthly sessions are set up as dialogues co-lead by both staff and students. Session leaders develop curriculum, 

activities, and a one-sheet handout on a topic and then prepare discussion questions for both small and large groups. Get involved as a facilitator or request content for your organization. 

Contact: Kelly Chambers, Program Coordinator for Student Engagement, 

Positive Organization Expectations Program (POE)

This is a 1-hour program that leads student organizations through an open discussion about the values of their organization and the impact of hazing on students. If your organization is struggling with hazing, wants to learn more about the risks associated with hazing, and/or desires to help with hazing prevention at UVA, then check it out! Get involved as a facilitator or request a presentation for your organization. 

Contact: Rachel Kiliany, Health Promotion Specialist, 

Green Dot Bystander Intervention Training

Green Dot is an interactive training designed to give participants the skills they need to know how and when to safely intervene in situations of dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking. There are two training options: A 1-hour “Overview Talk” and a more in-depth 5-hour “Bystander Training.” Both trainings includes a brief lecture, individual reflection, small group interaction, and high-energy activities. 

Contact: Rachel Kiliany, Health Promotion Specialist, 

CAPS Training

CAPS staff can provide presentations on a variety of topics including CAPS services, how to help a friend in need, suicide awareness, etc. Depending on the style of the presenter and the interest of the group, they can accommodate most needs.Here’s a link to the Outreach page on the website for more information. 

Contact: Nicole Fischer, Assistant Director for Outreach,

Leadership Development Opportunities

Available throughout the academic year for student organizations

Safe Space Training

The Safe Space network is made up of University faculty, staff, and students who are committed to being allies to the entire LGBTQ community. All members complete a two-hour training that consists of general information about the LGBTQ population and how to be an ally.

Contact: Alex Winkowski, Assistant Director of MSS,

Facilitator Training

Every organization needs to know how to effectively facilitate dialogue amongst its members. This involves managing different opinions, using language that is inclusive and neutral, and understanding strategies for successful conversations that everyone can learn from. Sustained Dialogue and Student Engagement have partnered to design a Facilitator training that can be modified to your organization’s needs. Do your members lead small groups/discussions? Do your members lead committees? Let us know how we can help! 

Contact: Kelly Chambers, Program Coordinator for Student Engagement, 

Career Center Leadership Coaching for Student Organizations 

Building a highly effective student leadership team is one of the more challenging endeavors a UVA student leader encounters. The Career Center can work with your team to observe, advise, and coach your executive team so that you are a productive, cohesive, and resilient group. 

Contact: Tim Davis, Executive Director for Student Resilience & Leadership Development

How to Zero-Waste Your Event

Is your CIO hosting an event with food? The Student Council Sustainability Committee would love to assist you in making it zero-waste, meaning that at least 90% of the waste from the event is diverted from the landfill! A representative of our committee can explain where to buy compostable 

materials, how to set up composting, and how to sort your waste properly so that your CIO can 

prevent contamination at the event.

Contact: Abigail Heher