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Leadership Library

This is a relatively new online "Leadership Library" hosted on a Collab page where you can download resources related to various leadership skills and topics.

Log in to @UVA and look for the "Leadership Library" link under "Campus Links" on the bottom right side of the screen. Log in with your netbadge credentials and then you will have access to download resources on leadership topics including:

  • Building Community
  • @UVA Tutorial Videos
  • Delegation
  • Transitioning Officers
  • Motivating your Members
  • Designing a Constitution
  • Budgeting/Fundraising/Banking 

Have a resource that you would like to see added? Feel free to add your organization's name to the document to give you credit for it, and then email it to We will review and consider adding it for all to download and utilize! 

Have a topic you would like to learn more about but don't see it in the Library? Let us know! Happy to add new content as needs arise.