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Leading Effective Meetings

How to Make Meetings Meaningful

1. Never Set a Regular Schedule.

Times like 5:52pm stick out far more than a 6pm meeting time and makes for a fun chatting point as the meeting begins. This also gives participants something fun to look forward to.

2. Start Chill

A small ice breaker is always a great way to welcome everyone and give them (and yourself) a chance to decompress for a moment before diving into the work. Ex: Highs and Lows of the week, Hashtag of the week, What's the tea?

3. Publish Your Agenda

People tend to pay more attention to what is happening when they know what to expect. If they see what is planned before it begins, they know what to expect and can be more fully present in the moment vs anticipating what's to come.

4. Create Accountability

Don't be afraid to assign tasks. Let participants know what they are responsible for as it is applicable. The leader for the meating does not have to lead each topic. Feel free to assign items to those that are on the committee or subgroup for a particular program or event.


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