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Motivating Your Members

Top 10 Tips for “Motivating the Middle”

  1. Come up with 5 basic criteria you must do to be a member
  2. Be willing to let members go who cannot adhere to the 5 criteria – be kind and compassionate when having convos with these individuals
  3. Help “top third” understand why you have different expectations for different “thirds”
  4. Ask your members’ opinions often
    • One great question to ask: “What’s one thing you think we could be doing that we aren’t that would make this group stronger
    • Slow down on making decisions – ask for opinions before moving forward too quickly
  5. Don’t mandate events
  6. Ask for help from members on one specific, limited-time task
  7. Start and end meetings on time. Keep meetings engaging too! (Icebreakers, new strategies, etc.)
  8. Be intentional about having one-on-one time with your members. Get to know them, their strengths, and any concerns they have about the organization
  9. Encourage your “middle third” members to lead something that matches their strengths or that you think they will enjoy
  10. Invite significant others/family members/friends to events
  11. Minimize conflict in your group to the greatest extent possible (but don’t avoid it)
  12. Thank your members for helping, volunteering, engaging, etc. - Saying thank you often shows that you are appreciative to have them on your team!

Visit this Link for a helpful Worksheet!