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The Space

The PAC (Programs and Councils Office) is an open, collaborative, and creative space for all students and student organizations.

The spacious couches and outlet-equipped tables are great for socializing with friends, group work, or doing homework in-between classes. Student organizations can book one of the two conference rooms for meetings through a student employee at the front desk. There are also several flyer boards available for advertising upcoming events. 

Who’s Here

The PAC is home to:

Student Engagement

Professional and Student Staff

Programming Boards

University Programs Council (UPC)

University Board of Elections (UBE)

Arts Board

Women’s Leadership Development Program (WLDP)

Blueprint Leadership Program

Class Councils

Satellite office for 1-4th year Class Councils

Student Council

Public Service

Rose Cole, Assistant Director for Public Service


Rachel Kiliany, Health Promotion Specialist, Office of Health Promotion