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PLEASE NOTE: Fall undergraduate courses will begin on Tuesday, August 25. Information and FAQs are available on the Return to Grounds website and the Fall 2020 Student Resource website, which will be updated frequently.

All events on Grounds are cancelled until at least August 15.

Photography & Marketing


Student Photography Initiative (SPIN)

SPIN, an initiative within Student Engagement, was created to help students and student organizations at UVA capture their events and experiences through photography AT NO COST. To request a SPIN photographer at your next event, go here.

*SPIN primarily focuses on event photography and would consider other ways to be supportive. 



  • HOOVIEW and @UVA are two excellent avenues for anyone within the UVA community to advertise events and initiatives on Grounds. Both exist to promote communication among students, faculty, administration, and the Charlottesville community.
    • HooView is a display system for digital advertisements (flyers) across network-enabled screens on Grounds. UVA entities can submit a flyer to HooView for approval.  To submit content for HooView, please visit the @UVA homepage, log in, and click the link under the HooView Submission Form. More details on submissions are included there. 
    • @UVA is our student engagement platform where students explore opportunities to get involved and manage their student organization pages. The platform also includes a bulletin board and calendar for announcements and event details. Primary Contacts for Departments and registered student organizations (CIOs, SSOs, etc.) can go to their page on @UVA and create “News” articles to share event announcements.


    • ONE posting per organization, per event, per board
    • Flyers should not cover up other flyers (slight overlap is ok)
    • All postings are removed on Sunday night



  • UNIVERSITY CALENDAR - To submit an event to the University Calendar go to the website, choose “suggest an event” under “calendar login,” and follow the instructions.


  • CONNECTIONS is a weekly newsletter distributed every Wednesday and is another way for you to find out what’s going on around Grounds. To submit an item, click here for more information.


  • WAHOO WEEKENDER is a weekly newsletter hosted by the ADAPT Peer Educators highlighting alcohol-free events for the coming weekend (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). Submit events here


  • ENGAGE@UVA is a weekly newsletter committed to connecting students, faculty, staff and community members with opportunities for active engagement within and beyond the University. Submit events here or email for more info.


  • MULTICULTURAL STUDENT SERVICES (MSS) NEWSLETTER is a weekly newsletter that aims to promote inclusion and engagement for historically underrepresented students. MSS, wihtin the Office of the Dean of Students, enhances the undergraduate experience through co-curricular programs and culturally relevant services that are meant to empower students in their identity, build community, and help a diverse group of students find their individual and collective voices. Submit all blurbs by 11:59PM on Thursdays here. Please keep all submissions clear and concise. All submissions will be considered for editing and reformatting in order to meet our content and formatting guidelines. 


  • QTIMES NEWSLETTER is a weekly newsletter hosted by the UVA LGBTQ Center to promote events . Submit all blurbs by 11:59 pm on Thursdays here. Please keep all submissions clear and concise. All submissions will be considered for editing and reformatting in order to meet our content and formatting guidelines. 


  • SABOR is a newsletter designed to provide information about new, exciting, and culturally rich experiences occurring within the Hispanic/Latino community in the upcoming issue that may be especially pertinent to the Hispanic/Latino population at UVA. Submit all blurbs to exactly as you would like it to appear.


  • THAT’S WASSUP is a bi-weekly newsletter sent out via email by the Black Student Alliance. It includes all events, lectures, entertainment, and opportunities catering to the Black community at the University of Virginia. If you would like to submit a blurb to be placed in That's Wassup, email it to