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It is important that participants commit themselves to attending all three WLDP sessions and small group meetings to make the most of their experience. Their participation in this program is both an honor and a responsibility. As a woman, a student and an individual, their contributions to the discussions and activities are critical to the quality of this experience not only for themselves, but for the other participants as well. In many ways, the success of this program depends upon each participant's commitment. As with most of life's valuable opportunities, the more each woman commits oneself to this experience, the more she will take away from it.

Learning Outcomes

The Women's Leadership Development Program has determined a set of Learning Outcomes for participants. The two we will focus on this year include that our participants will learn to define leadership as an inherently relational process of working together to accomplish a goal or to promote change and enhancing personal awareness. We will be conducting a series of surveys to determine whether or not the program is meeting these outcomes. We will conduct a pre-program survey at the first session, a post-program survey after the second session and a follow-up within a year of completing the program. We hope that participants will commit to taking the time for these surveys so that we can shape the program for future participants. Please keep in mind that we are assessing the program and not the individual participants in the program. All information will be shared anonymously.