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PLEASE NOTE: Fall undergraduate courses will begin on Tuesday, August 25. Information and FAQs are available on the Return to Grounds website and the Fall 2020 Student Resource website, which will be updated frequently.

All events on Grounds are cancelled until at least August 15.

Student Org Officers Facebook Group

Student Org Officers at UVA is a Facebook group for CIO leaders and other student organization officers at UVA. This is a space for leaders to engage with each other, ask questions, and interact with Student Engagement and Student Council. Student Engagement hosts live trainings related to various leadership topics, and those trainings are accesible through "Units" in the group year-round. It's also a great place for everyone to keep each other in the loop on what events are coming up for their organizations. Advisors are welcome to join the group too, but the content is geared towards student officers! 

If you're a new organization President, we'd love to have you join! If you don't have Facebook, check in with some of your other officers and see if someone from your group wants to join. Then, that person can keep your group in the loop on the happenings in that space.